Triennial Finger Lakes Trail Relay III - 1987


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West to East; Bennetsburg to Daisy Hollow Road (Virgil)

Catherine the Great: David Yerger

This edition omitted the Seneca Lake stage, with its long road sections and (at the time) terrible markings on Satterley Hill, in favor of a new eastern stage, from Caroline (NY 79) north and east across the Hammond Hill microwave tower, across the Harford Valley, to end high above Dryden Lake. All stage boundaries were changed. The recently-formed High Noon A.C. left their normal haunt (i.e. collecting hardware at various roadraces from Candor to Canandaguia) to tame the trails.


  1. High Noon A.C. (HNAC)
  2. Atrocious/D.C. Harriers (ADC)
  3. Illegal Space Lunatics (ISL) ('captain' Reinhold Wotawa)


  1. Bennetsburg to Boyland Road (Connecticut Hill)
  2. Boyland Road to Shady Corners
  3. Shady Corners to South Danby Road
  4. South Danby Road to White Church Road (?)
  5. White Church Road (?) to Caroline
  6. Caroline to Daisy Hollow Road


  1. 1. Duane Kennedy (HNAC) 2:08; 2. Joe Daley (ADC) 2:08:15; ISL?
  2. 1. Joe Streeter; 2.? T J Pempel & Larry Prud'homme (HNAC); 4.? Cliff Balkam (ADC)
  3. 1. Tony Vodacek (HNAC); not 1st: C Rossiter
  4. Herb Engman (HNAC); Ed Hart (ADC); Hubert Morgan (ISL)
  6. 1. Kris Wernstedt (HNAC); 2. DumpTruck Rossiter (ADC); 3. Reinhold Wotawa (ISL)


Joe Daley tried to run the half-Connecticut Hill section on no training - bad idea.

Joe Streeter (RIP) calmly followed the 2nd-half trail over Connecticut Hill at a steady pace, stopping for cigarette breaks, and easily beating Pempel, Prud'homme & Balkam, who kept charging down false trails.

Reinhold Wotawa, not yet a political prisoner (bad checks), grabbed the live cattle wire near Dryden Lake and never noticed the difference.

Kris Wernstedt writes:

"You may remember that you [Dump Truck - ed.], Reinhold, and I started off the final leg even, but High Noon had a calendar lead of about a week by the time the leg started. Your only hope was to cheat, lie, dodge, steal, scam, feint, mislead, trip, barbwire, lose, confuse, misuse, abuse, throw a ruse [keep the compliments coming! - ed.], but I'm not as dumb as I look. Not knowing the course, I stuck to your tail the entire leg--an experience that was even more pleasant than spending the 16 plus mile Lick Brook leg with Doug Burdi in the '90 Triennial--and offerred graciously to finish together (last bit was on a dirt road). You snarled something about me trying to beat you if I could, so I did. Reinhold wandered in sometime later, or did he?"

Caleb Rossiter writes:

"What Spiro Agnew said about LSD is true: it robs you of your memory...'course Spiro must have taken a few trips, too, since he couldn't remember how those paper bags of cash got into his White House desk...Anyway, 1987's triennial is a blur, mercifully, because it just went on and on and on...when I finally crashed to the finish line by a road somewhere in South Danby, I asked the scorer if the leader [Tony Vodacek - ed.] had beat me by 10 minutes (My best estimate, based on what I thought was our comparative skill) and he looked at me strangely...'He finished an hour and ten minutes ago...' The race is to the prepared, but not just geographically prepared. One must, apparently, also train..."


Author: Dump Truck, cyrus621 (at)

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