Triennial Finger Lakes Trail Relay VI - 1996


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May 4th Saturday; 60 runners; 10 teams

East to West; Caroline (Rt. 79) to White's Hollow Road (above Watkins Glen)

Just for fun, I extended the Texas Hollow stage over Burnt Hill, and ended the last stage by going up the rim of Watkins Glen to the top. We changed the scoring system to the cross-country system (add finishing places, low score wins), just to keep everyone off-balance.

Catherine the Great: Dan Peck

Robert Zimmerman "Don't need a trail sign to know which way the trail goes": Neil Cummings

Count Cavour: Herb Engman

Ivan the Terrible: Regis Carver

George Bush: Spider

Romeo Montague "What's in a name?": Bottom Feeders

Marshall Kutuzov "Time and Patience": Bubbles, Christof Grewer, Ljerka, Spider, Jen Williams, Regis

Willy Brandt "The 4th Reich will be delayed...": Falsche Richtung, Cristof Grewer

Oliver North: You Know Who You Are: "sullen were we, in the air made sweet by the sun..."


  1. Green Goons of High Noon: captain Rick Cleary: 8
  2. FLRC Masters a.k.a. High Finger: captain Herb Engman: 21
  3. Atrocious: captain DumpTruck Rossiter: 24
  4. Ithaca Hash House Harriers A: captain Skull: 28
  5. Herme's Hermits: Captain Knewstub Bros: 36
  6. Nut Busters: Captain Lorrie Marnell: 38
  7. Hash B (proto-SnuggleBunnies): captain Jeff Buboltz: 42
  8. Bottom Feeders: captain Brent Alspach: 44
  9. Buck's Muddy Boot Lickers: Captain Grover Cook: 37
  10. Femmes Fatales (Hash): captain Tessa Bauer: 52


  1. Shindagin Hollow: Start at 0600 from Route 79 at the Tompkins/Tioga county line to Coddington Road at Ridgeway Rd., Caroline. 13.9 miles across the grain including the very steep ascents at the start and out of Shindagin Hollow.
  2. South Danby: Start at 0830 from Coddington Road at Ridgeway Rd., Caroline to Bald Hill Road at Comfort Road, Danby. 12.0 miles across the grain;. Active logging and persistent mud.
  3. Lick Brook/Treman Park: Start at 1030 from Bald Hill Road at Comfort Road, Danby to FLT crossing of Porter Hill Road near Rockwell Road, Enfield. 16.0 miles including long ascent through Treman Park and extremely steep descent of Lick Brook; about five miles of roads.
  4. Connecticut Hill: Start at 1300 from FLT crossing of Porter Hill Road near Rockwell Road, Enfield, to Schuyler County Route 6 at Van Lone Hill Rd., Catharine. 12.6 miles, includes the steep ascent/descent of Riemann Woods at the start, Connecticut Hill, and some rough footing. The most isolated section.
  5. Texas Hollow: Start at 1515, from Schuyler County Route 6 at Van Lone Hill Rd, Catharine (just north of the bridge across Cayuta Outlet), to FLT crossing of Logan Road on Schuyler County Route 4 NW of Bennettsburg. 12.1 miles, includes very steep descent into and climb out of Texas Hollow, and ascent of Burnt Hill.
  6. Watkins Glen. Start at 1715 from FLT crossing of Logan Road on Schuyler County Route 4 NW of Bennettsburg to the FLT crossing of White's Hollow Road, 2.7 miles uphill from the main entrance to Watkins Glen State Park, and 0.15 miles NW of the end of NY329. 13.3 miles, mostly downhill but steep uphill to the finish. About 5 miles of roads. Trail can be hard to follow near Satterly Hill.


Team Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
F.L.R.C. Masters John Whitman
2:07:25 [4]
Herb Engman
1:43:50 [1]
Paul Beckwith
2:19:24 [4]
Jim Bisogni
2:29:27 [6]
Neil Cummings
1:48:52 [3]
Tom Knapp
1:38:59 [3]
Green Goons of High Noon Daniel Peck
1:46:15 [1]
Jonathan Brand
1:45:33 SCB [2]
Chris Mansfield
1:58:59 [1]
Mark Schneider
1:56:30 [1]
Stephen Wirkus
1:33:11 [1]
Rick Cleary
1:36:57 [2]
Atrocious Gary Burdick
1:56:59 [2]
Joe Daley
1:50:50 [4]
Winton "The Sheik" Rossiter
2:19:52 [5]
Caleb "Spider" Rossiter
3:13:19 not a misprint! [10]
"Dump Truck" Rossiter
1:47:47 [2]
Jim Booker
1:35:33 [1]
Nut Busters Audrey Balander
2:33:30 [6]
Kim Snedden
1:56:42 [6]
Lorrie Marnell
2:34:49 [8]
Yvette DeBoer
2:09:26 [4]
Gail Steinhart
1:52:54 [5]
Phyllis Radke
2:15:56 [9]
Ithaca Hash House Harriers Skull
2:04:22 [3]
False Erection
2:00:08 [7]
2:00:47 [2]
Curt Frederick
2:03:04 [2]
2:07:18 [9]
Barbituate Bob
1:40:51 [5]
Herme's Hermits Fred Knewstub
2:33:30 [7]
Chris Larkin
1:46:11 [3]
Ron Knewstub
2:41:30 [9]
Rob Licht
2:03:27 [3]
Jeffrey Juran
1:49:37 [4]
Regis Carver
2:18:45 [10]
HHH B-team Jeff Buboltz
2:47:27 [10]
Christof Grewer
2:58 [10]
Giselher Schneider
2:03:20 [3]
Jim McKee
3:03:17 [9]
Mike Fitch
1:54:51 [6]
Andrew Ryder
1:39:17 [4]
Bottom Feeder Steve Hall
2:43:22 [9]
Matthew Amster
2:02:54 [9]
Brent Alspach
2:26:00 [6]
Daniel Motto
2:11:00 [5]
Matt Wartel
1:57:15 [8]
Tim Patronski
1:46:13 [7]
Femmes Fatales (HHH) Vanessa Bauer
2:40:25 [8]
Linda Nicholson
2:01:53 [8]
Ljerka Ukrainczyk
2:46:28 [10]
Ann Curran
3:02:58 [8]
Jen Williams
2:11:26 [10]
Bonnie Gleason
1:46:48 [8]
Buck's Muddy Boot Lickers Grover Cook
2:20:00 [5]
Dale Palmer
1:52 [5]
Dale Fox
2:26:40 [7]
Kirk Peters
2:34:02 [7]
Steve Ryan
1:55:18 [7]
Joseph Reynolds
1:44:24 [6]


Caleb Rossiter writes:

"A painful epiphany at mile 22 of the Boston Marathon in April led to a disaster for me in Triennial a month later: I somehow lost my way mid-way through my life's journey, and allowed myself to think that it would be cool to run in the 100th Boston, despite having sworn off marathons many times because they hurt so bad (since I am a RUNNER, who runs the marathon as the race it happens to be, not a charity fundraiser who walks it for the 'experience'). Training was great for my qualifying marathon, Marine Corps, Fall 1995, and so was the indoor mile season that sucked that base by April, it was all gone...especially after Wellesley, where my running mate Ralph was so inspired by the sisters shaking it at him that he set a course record for that mile...I was toast at 20, as opposed to TJ Pempel's strategy of being fresh at 15, and the pain was so extreme that I tried to walk off the course like Ulysess' men, drawn by the siren-like smell of pizza, only to be harassed back into action by a Boston mama who chased me down the street screaming 'get going. I'm watching!'

"So, at 22, it was so ridiculously bad that I had the epiphany and walked over to the crowd lining the corner where you turn toward home on Beacon (?) and said: 'Thank you all for coming to this press conference. I have a brief announcement, and will not be taking any questions. I am retiring from running, and taking up....(and this just came to me at that point) GOLF!'

"God had spoken to me in the burning pain, so I knew I had to honor his will, like Cardinal O'Connor sprinkling holy water on the bombs bound for Vietnam, and told Truck I was dropping out....but his eggplanted rage required me at least to take part, if not I ran not a step for a month, and the result is too ugly to contemplate without a professional trip counselor around. At least I gave it one wild finish on this brutal Connecticut Hill leg, when I was passed by three literally walking women, but saw the finish line around a few I painfully elbowed past them (this being a crosscountry scoring system) and collapsed on the road...only to be told that this was a checkpoint, and I had 4 miles left. Not wanting to be eaten by bears or get my team DQed, I kept moving. This shows how addled I was: I should have remebered that as Atrocious, we can make up any rules we want, and we could have simply given us the 10 points I got for the last pace finish without actually finishing...Pride demanded that I improve for 1999...I did not run for another 2 years, but then got back into it...since Golf was fun but not particularly helpful in keeping my pants fitting..."

Author: Dump Truck, cyrus621 (at)

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