Triennial Finger Lakes Trail Relay IX - 2005


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Triennial IX was run Saturday 24-September-2005

North Mountain Clansmen and Atrocious ARE Champions!
Do not believe dis-information on othere so-called Triennial sites!
This is the one true official and authorized site and not some random "TidBit"


Triennial IX was successfully run on Saturday 24-September-2005. Conditions were perfect: temperatures about 6 C at the start, rising to 21 C during the day, gorgeous blue sky. The trail and most creek crossings were bone dry following an exceptionally hot and dry summer, making for fast times. Foliage was abundant; this and the bright sun made it imperative to pay close attention to the well-marked trail.


Complete results, preliminary version. Some times are missing and some names are mis-spelled. Please mail me any corrections.

Raw scores

Combined HNAC

At the request of the team captains, we re-calculated the scores for a combined HNAC team ("one envelope" policy) with the slowest-runner rule (see entry form): this is 11 + 7 + 14 + 10 + 6 + 3 + 8 = 59 points, tied with I.G. CIME. Have your cake or eat it too...

Alternate Reality HNAC

In some parallel universe where people are reduced to tidbits (tiny morsels to be consumed by Illegal Space Aliens) the combined HNAC would be able to score their fastest runner... in that universe they would have had 12 points... but in that universe no light can escape from black holes so the information would be lost forever...

Adjusted Scores -1 point for each previous Triennial, president of FLRC, lactation etc. ... still to be posted but Atrocious has -37 points (Adjusted score 5), Mad Dogs -2 (Adjusted score 30), so draw your own conclusions

Stage Winners

  1. Joe Daley, Katie Stettler
  2. Randy McDermott, Yvette de Boer
  3. Tim Ingall, Linda Grossman
  4. Carl Johnston (?) dba "Scott Weiller", K C Bennett
  5. Tom Meyer, Nancy Kleinrock
  6. Alan Evans, Becky Harman
  7. Earl Steinbrecher, Audrey Ballander


Reasoning to follow, but for now, the winners:



Stage locations and start times

For historical reference, Here are the start locations and scratch start times. Females, older than 35, or younger than 20, started with a handicap (PDF, 43Kb).
  1. Stage 1 (Satterly Hill - FL National Forest): scratch start 0700 from the Twin Tunnels (base of Satterly Hill) just north of Burdett, NY to the entrance to wildlife sanctuary, Texas Hollow Rd., near Bennettsburg. 8.8 miles mostly uphill, including Satterly, Burnt, and South hills.
  2. Stage 2 (Texas Hollow - Connecticut Hill): scratch start 0815 from entrance to wildlife sanctuary, Texas Hollow Rd. to Boyland Road FLT crossing on Connecticut Hill. 13.0 miles includes climbs out of Texas Hollow and Cayuta Outlet. For the real Mountain (Wo)man!
  3. Stage 3 (Connecticut Hill - Treman Park): scratch start 1000 from Boyland Road FLT crossing on Connecticut Hill to Shady Corners (NY 13/34/96). 14.2 miles mostly downhill.
  4. Stage 4 (Lick Brook - W Danby). scratch start 1130 from Shady Corners (NY 13/34/96) to Michigan Hollow Road, Danby. 11.3 miles mostly uphill, including Lick Brook
  5. Stage 5 (South Danby): scratch start 1300, from FLT crossing of Michigan Hollow Road, Danby to Coddington & Ridgeway, Caroline. 10.5 miles across the grain, includes climbs out of Michigan Hollow, S Danby, Roundtop, Eastman Hill.
  6. Stage 6 (Shindagin Hollow): scratch start 1430 from Coddington & Ridgeway Rds, Caroline to the S side of NY79 at Tompkins/Tioga County line. 13.5 miles across the grain, includes climb out of Michigan Hollow. The valleys of fear. Note: Runners from Stage 6 finish on the S side; be very careful crossing NY79, the speed limit here is 55 mph
  7. Stage 7 (Hammond Hill). scratch start 1630 from the N side of NY79 at Tompkins/Tioga County line to Star Stanton Road, between Harford & Dryden. 8.2 rough and hilly miles with winding, difficult trails; climbs to Robinson Hollow (twice) and Hammond Hill; Short but oh so sweet; Finish: end of pavement on Star Stanton Road, just W of NY38 between Harford & Dryden

For historical reference

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