Photo credit: BVD from We Put the Run in Drunk team. Pig seen on the FLT!


Mighty Isis has convened at the spa (an upgrade from the Atrocious bathtub) and applied some awards that we were unable to share since so many people had to depart early. We have used some awards distributed in previous Triennials, but have added a few of our own; obviously they have taken on a Mother Goose type format, which seemed fitting under the circumstances. I did not have the chance to hear the stories from some of the other teams, so we are unable to come up with fitting awards for others, but we are accepting nominations, so please share your stories.

Thank you all for joining us for Triennial XIII. It was fun taking it on this year and I am glad you all able to join us. I received lots of feedback that everyone will be returning in 2020 for the next adventure that Mighty Isis comes up with (we have already began brewing some ideas along with the Hooded Cobras).

Karen Ingall
Triennial XIII 2017
Mighty Isis

Run time: 09:04:00
Handicap: 00:08:00
TOTAL: 8:36:00

David Bronfenbrenner (39)East 19.4 Miles1:10:00
Scott Bickham (51)East 26.8 Miles1:09:00
Peter Ronco (47)East 36.8 Miles1:10:00
Kevin Ashton (38)East 49.4 Miles1:29:00
Joe Difabio (23)West 110.6 Miles1:27:00
Brendan Glover (32)West 2-311.2 Miles1:22:00
Matt Wilbur (32)West 410.6 Miles1:17:00

Run time: 10:02:00
Handicap: 00:19:00

Jay Hubisz (38)East 19.4 Miles1:18:00
Tom Mullins (49)East 26.8 Miles1:05:00
Erik Maki (55)East 36.8 Miles1:04:00
Jenny Boerner (34)East 49.4 Miles1:48:00
David Kania (37)West 110.6 Miles1:35:00
Mike Selig (39)West 2-311.2 Miles1:43:00
Boris Dzikovski (53)West 410.6 Miles1:28:00

Run time: 10:01:00
Handicap: 00:03:00
TOTAL: 10: 04:00

Jack Kuhn (31)East 19.4 Miles1:19:00
TJ Moore (33)East 2-313.6 Miles2:13:00
Jim Devona (34)East 49.4 Miles1:29:00
Steve Gorgos (30)West 110.6 Miles1:48:00
Chris Welsh (49)West 25.6 Miles1:00:00
Brian Baisley (28)West 35.6 Miles0:53:00
Ryan Heinlein (34)West 410.6 Miles1:27:00

Run time: 10:13:00
Handicap: 00:21:00
TOTAL: 10:34:00

Travis Crocker (46)East 19.4 Miles1:36:00
Dean Russo (47)East 26.8 Miles1:08:00
David Price (61)East 36.8 Miles1:17:00
Joe Rorick (39)East 49.4 Miles1:29:00
Tom Benner (27)West 110.6 Miles1:33:00
Rob Seltzer (51)West 2-311.2 Miles1:59:00
Tim Maxson (41)West 410.6 Miles1:32:00

Run time: 1:48:00
Handicap: 00:30:00
TOTAL: 11:18:00

Jenny Uehling (24)East 19.4 Miles1:52:00 
Olivia Graham (27)East 26.8 Miles1:20:00 
Karin Van Der Burg (30)East 36.8 Miles1:33:00 
Lauren Brzozowski (26)East 49.4 Miles:43:00 
Emily Funk (26)West 110.6 Miles1:45:00AWARD: Three Little Pigs (all three had same time, and the entire team wore pink hats)
Lizzie Lombardi (27)West 2-311.2 Miles1:45:00AWARD: Three Little Pigs (all three had same time, and the entire team wore pink hats)
Erin Larson (28)West 410.6 Miles1:45:00    AWARD: Three Little Pigs (all three had same time, and the entire team wore pink hats)

Run time: 13:16:00
Handicap: 00:55:00
TOTAL: 12: 21:00

Bob Talda (56)East 19.4 Miles1:58:00AWARD: Oliver North (got ahead of other teams without passing them physically)
Evan Kurtz (61)East 26.8 Miles1:26:00 
Dave Jones (59)East 3-416.2 Miles3:31:00 
Bill King (57)West 110.6 Miles2:10:00AWARD: Rosie Ruiz (one of two who accepted a car ride to get back on track)
Steve Shaum (51)West 25.6 Miles1:00:00 
Dump Truck (68)West 35.6 Miles1:00:00AWARD: Monica Lewinsky (went to his knees, with bloody proof)
Charlie Leonard (62)West 410.6 Miles2:11:00 

Run time: 13:12:00
Handicap: 00:36:00
TOTAL: 12:36:00

Matt Amster (44), Jake (12)East 19.4 Miles2:35:00
Nancy Kleinrock (57)East 2-313.6 Miles2:42:00
Brent Alspach (44)East 49.4 Miles1:44:00
Greg Wheeler (37)West 110.6 Miles2:26:00
Marjolein Schat (43)West 25.6 Miles1:02:00
Steve Vanek (46)West 3-416.2 Miles2:43:00

Run time: 13:50:00
Handicap: 01:03:00
TOTAL: 12:47:00

Rebecca Alguard (40)East 19.4 Miles2:52:00 
Linnie Weiselquist (44)East 26.8 Miles1:21:00AWARD: Catherine the Great's Horse Rear (outstanding performance by host team)
Shelly Marino (64)East 36.8 Miles1:42:00 
Megan Powers (36)East 49.4 Miles1:55:00 
Torrey Dennis (38)West 110.6 Miles2:02:00 
Yvette de Boer (53)West 2-311.2 Miles1:50:00 
Melissa Hubisz (37)West 410.6 Miles2:07:00 

Run time: 13:30:00
Handicap: 00:18:00
TOTAL: 13:02:00

Tastes Like 10th Grade (F43)East 19.4 Miles2:20:00 
Thank you, Come Again (M31)East 26.8 Miles2:03:00 
4% Erectus (M40)East 36.8 Miles1:07:00 
Putin Mouth (M34)East 49.4 Miles1:40:00 
Cold Cocked (33)West 110.6 Miles1:48:00 
BVD (M44)West 2-311.2 Miles1:56:00AWARD: Big Bad Wolf (for encountering a pig on the trail and having photo documentation)
Shiggy Shaman (F46)West 410.6 Miles2:36:00 

Run time: 14:02:00
Handicap: 00:55:00
TOTAL: 13: 07:00

Kevin Conlon (54)East 19.4 Miles1:58:00AWARD: Oliver North (got ahead of other teams without passing them physically)
Tim Ingall (58)East 26.8 Miles1:25:00 
Jim Chely (61)East 3-416.2 Miles3:27:00 
Herminator (58)West 110.6 Miles3:00:00AWARD: Timothy Leary (long strange trip)
"GHOST" (60)West 2 5.6 Miles1:00:00 
Gary McCheyne (56)West 35.6 Miles1:04:00AWARD: Humpty Dumpty (he sat on a rail for HOURS waiting for his team)
Spider (65)West 410.6 Miles2:03:00 

Run time: 14:19:00
Handicap: 01:10:00
TOTAL: 13:09:00

Karen Ingall (47)East 19.4 Miles2:22:00
Maria Costanzo (58)East 26.8 Miles1:55:00
Ruth Sproul (65)East 36.8 Miles2:02:00
Tonya Engst (49)East 49.4 Miles2:12:00
Diane Wang (38)West 110.6 Miles2:02:00
Nora McIver-Sheridan (32)West 2-311.2 Miles1:50:00
Maureen Whitehead (52)West 410.6 Miles2:07:00

12. NETT
Run time:
Handicap: 00:35:00
TOTAL: 13:47:00

Steve Yankum (64)East 19.4 Miles1:50:00 
Matt Moore (32)East 26.8 Miles1:14:00 
Rick Cleary (61)East 36.8 Miles1:41:00 
Jean Dany Joachim (54)East 49.4 Miles1:37:00 
Chris Smith (51)West 110.6 Miles3:00:00AWARD: Christopher Columbus (the rest of the crew abandoned ship trying to locate him)
Dave Hannon (46)West 2-311.2 Miles2:00:00 
Joe Canistraro (49)West 410.6 Miles2:00:00 

General information

  1. TRIENNIAL 2017 is an informal participation event, not sponsored by any individual or organization. It is only for well-conditioned, experienced trail runners. Fitness of the runner to finish their section (physical condition and trail racing experience) is the responsbility of the team captain, organizers take no responsibility. Teams support themselves, the organizers provide no search and rescue, no first aid, no water.
  2. TRIENNIAL 2017 will occur on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Dryden Lake Park. The "course" will consist of eight sections. We will start on the Jim Schug trail before joining the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT); this mile is factored in to each section.
    • EAST 1: Dryden Lake to Babcock Hollow (9.4 Miles)
    • EAST 2: Babcock Hollow to Tone Road (6.8 Miles)
    • EAST 3: Tone Road to Babcock Hollow (6.8 Miles)
    • EAST 4: Babcock Hollow to Dryden Lake (9.4 Miles)
    • WEST 1: Dryden Lake to Route 79 (10.6 Miles)
    • WEST 2: Route 79 to Old 76 Road (5.6 Miles)
    • WEST 3: Old 76 Road to Route 79 (5.6 Miles)
    • WEST 4: Route 79 to Dryden Lake (10.6 Miles)
  3. TRIENNIAL 2017 will be a true relay, team members will be required to pass a "baton". Each team will be self supported; there are no aid stations or event officials. The entire relay will be run at the HONESTY and INTEGRITY of each team to complete the event course as defined.
  4. TRIENNIAL 2017 teams will consist of seven people. Since there are eight sections to cover, one team member will be required to run two sections. This "ultra" section will be up to your team to coordinate, the runner may choose to run two consecutive sections or just run twice.
  5. TRIENNIAL 2017 team roster should be submitted to Karen Ingall of Team Mighty Isis no later than September 10th. Team Roster should include:
    1. Team Name
    2. Name of each runner
    3. Age/Gender of each on event date
    4. Section(s) each is running
    5. Entry fee of $10 each to cover post event food provided by Gorgers, fee for Dryden Lake Pavilion, and non-alcoholic beverages (if anyone prefers to drink alcohol at the finish, please feel free to BYOB). If you intend to bring family or friends who intend to eat with you, please include $10 for each with your roster. No Refunds. Any extra funds received for no shows will be donated to a charity selected by Team Mighty Isis.
  6. TRIENNIAL 2017 will consist of "head start times" calculated by the age/gender of each runner. The calculated head start for each runner will be totaled together and your team will receive the TOTAL HEAD START TIME when your team will begin the relay from Dryden Lake Park. Logistically all teams should finish close together just in time for lunch.
  7. TRIENNIAL 2017 teams of seven runners will all arrive at Dryden Lake Park before their calculated team start time. Each team will start TWO runners (East #1 and West #1) at the same time, both running the one mile portion of Jim Schug trail together. When they reach the Finger Lakes Trail, they will be splitting in opposite directions of the FLT. Both will need to pass a "baton" to their next team member.
  8. TRIENNIAL 2017 winners will earn bragging rights when all 7 team members have finished. There may be a puzzle assembly required, more information to follow.

BONUS Poker Run: Each team is welcome to place $1 per runner in a pot before starting. Each runner will collect a playing card when they finish running. Team with the highest poker hand wins the pot.