Photo credit: BVD from We Put the Run in Drunk team. Pig seen on the FLT!

  • TRIENNIAL 2020, date TBD.
  • General information

    1. TRIENNIAL 2020 is an informal participation event, not sponsored by any individual or organization. It is only for well-conditioned, experienced trail runners. Fitness of the runner to finish their section (physical condition and trail racing experience) is the responsibility of the team captain, organizers take no responsibility. Teams support themselves, the organizers provide no search and rescue, no first aid, no water.
    2. TRIENNIAL 2020, date TBD, at Veterans Memorial Park. The "course" will consist of seven sections, shortest 6.3 miles, longest 14.8 miles.
      1. EAST 1: Veterans Memorial Park to Radio Tower Road (9.9)
      2. EAST 2: Radio Tower Road to Treman Old Mill (9.0)
      3. EAST 3: Treman Old Mill to Radio Tower Road (9.0)
      4. EAST 4: Radio Tower Rd to Veterans Memorial Park (9.9)
      5. WEST 1: Veterans Memorial Park to Burdett Twin Tunnels (14.8)
      6. WEST 2: Burdett Twin Tunnels to Texas Hollow Road (8.5)
      7. WEST 3: Texas Hollow Rd to Veterans Memorial Park (6.3)
    3. TRIENNIAL 2020 will be a true relay, team members will be required to pass a "baton". Each team will be self supported; there are no aid stations or event officials. The entire relay will depend upon the HONESTY and INTEGRITY of each team to complete the event course as defined.
    4. TRIENNIAL 2020 teams will consist of seven people. Please submit detail with roster information.
    5. TRIENNIAL 2020 team roster should be submitted to Karen Ingall of Team Mighty Isis. Team Roster should include:
      1. Team Name
      2. Name of each runner
      3. Age/Gender of each on event date
      4. Section(s) each is running
      5. Entry fee of $20 each to cover post event food provided by Landon's Pub, fee for Veterans Memorial Park, and non-alcoholic beverages (if anyone prefers to drink alcohol at the finish, please feel free to BYOB). If you intend to bring family or friends who intend to eat with you, please include $20 for each with your roster. No Refunds. Any extra funds received for no shows will be donated to a charity selected by Team Mighty Isis.
    6. TRIENNIAL 2020 will consist of "head start times" calculated by the age/gender of each runner. The calculated head start for each runner will be totaled together and your team will receive a TOTAL HEAD START at which time two runners will begin from Veterans Memorial Park. (If your team is both young and male, this will most likely require you to try to catch teams already running.) Logistically, all teams should finish close together just in time for lunch.
    7. TRIENNIAL 2020 teams of seven runners will all arrive at Veterans Memorial Park before their calculated team start time. Each team will start TWO runners (East #1 and West #1) at the same time. Both will need to pass a "baton" to their next team member.
    8. TRIENNIAL 2020 winners will earn bragging rights when ALL 7 team members have finished.
      1. BONUS Poker Run: Each team is welcome to place $1 per runner in a pot before starting. Each runner will collect a playing card when they finish running. Team with the highest poker hand wins the pot.