• TRIENNIAL XV, September 23, 2023.

  • General information

    1. TRIENNIAL XV is an informal participation event, not sponsored by any individual or organization. It is only for well-conditioned, experienced trail runners. Fitness of the runner to finish their section (physical condition and trail racing experience) is the responsibility of the team captain, organizers take no responsibility. Teams support themselves, the organizers provide no search and rescue, no first aid, no water.
    2. TRIENNIAL XV, September 23, 2023, at the Gravel Pit at Pipeline Road in Virgil. The starting point is the Nell Brook trailhead on Pipeline Road, at the corner of Pipeline and Cortland #9. 42.52617N, -76.11926E. The "course" will consist of eight sections, shortest 5.9 miles, longest 11.3 miles. Here are the maps.

      1. EAST 1: Pipeline Road to Hoxie Gorge (7.4 Miles)
      2. EAST 2: Hoxie Gorge to Baker Schoolhouse Rd (11.3 Miles)
      3. EAST 3: Baker Schoolhouse Rd to Hoxie Gorge (11.3 Miles)
      4. EAST 4: Hoxie Gorge to Pipeline Road (7.4 Miles)
      5. WEST 1: Pipeline Rd to Bleck Rd (11.0 Miles)
      6. WEST 2: Bleck Rd to Daisy Hollow Rd (5.9 Miles)
      7. WEST 3: Daisy Hollow Rd to Bleck Rd (5.9 Miles)
      8. WEST 4: Bleck Rd to Pipeline Road (11.0 Miles)
    3. TRIENNIAL XV will be a true relay. Each team will be self supported; there are no aid stations or event officials. Teams will all arrive at the Gravel Pit before their calculated team start time. Each team will begin TWO runners (#1E and #1W) at the same time.The entire relay will depend upon the HONESTY and INTEGRITY of each team to complete the event course as defined.
    4. TRIENNIAL XV teams will consist of at least 4, but no more than 8 people.
    5. TRIENNIAL XV team roster must be submitted to Karen Ingall by September 16, 2023. Team Roster must include:
      1. Team Name
      2. Name of each runner
      3. Age/Gender of each on event date
      4. Section(s) each is running
    6. TRIENNIAL XV will consist of "head start times" calculated by the age/gender of each runner. The calculated head start for each runner will be totaled together and your team will receive a TOTAL HEAD START at which time two runners will begin from the Gravel Pit at Pipeline Road. (If your team is both young and male, this will most likely require you to try to catch teams already running.) Logistically, all teams should finish close together.
    7. TRIENNIAL XV winners will earn bragging rights when ALL team members have finished.