Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R. - Visit of the Directors in Ithaca
Source: The Ithacan, June 5, 1869

The Directors of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad made an annual trip over the road this week. Monday evening they arrived in Ithaca by special train, being accompanied from Owego by Mr. W.R. Humphrey, Superintendent of the Division, and Mr, J.B. Wlliams of the Merchants' and Farmers' Bank. On the arrival of the train at 7 o'clock p.m., the company proceeded to the Clinton House upon invitation of Mr. Thompson.

The party was made up of the President of the road, Mr. Sloan, Directors Moses Taylor, William E. Dodge, S.B. Chittenden, Joseph H. Scranton and Marshall O'Roberts. Besides, the following gentlemen of New York were in the party: D. Duer, E. Minturn, Geo. F. Talman, Edward Jones, Peter H. Vandervort and Peter Townsend. These names are exceedingly suggestive of money, and it was intimated by some one that any one of the guests could have "bought Ithaca and carried it away in his pocket." We are glad none of them felt in the buying mood while here.

In the afternoon a dispatch was received from Mr. Humphrey that General Burnside would be one of the party. he is a director of the D.L.& W. Company, and was with the excursion party, but had to go another way. A serenade and military reception had been prepared for the general, and when it was known that he had not come, the compliments were turned over to the other distinguished businessmen who did come.

About ten o'clock the military, headed by Whitlock's Band, drew up in front of the Clinton House, where, after some good music, Rev. Dr. Strong, Chaplain of the company, in a well-timed speech, welcomed the Directors of the railroad and those with them. Two or three short speeches were made in reply by different members of the excursion party

Tuesday morning early a number of these gentlemen called upon Hon. Ezra Cornell, who showed them about the University grounds. They then took the regular steamer, T.D. Wilcox, and went on their way, being bound for Oswego and other points reached by the different branches of the D.L. & W. Company's roads.

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